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When looking for a property management company for your investment property, make sure you meet up with the team face to face. Personal instinct will go a long way towards picking people you trust to look after your investment.


Face to face is also the best way to ask questions. To follow are some basic questions which will help you to make your decision, while covering all the important bases.





1. Monthly Cost: Most managers charge a monthly fee to maintain, watch and care for your property. Fee’s can vary widely, and you shouldn't base your decision solely on the answer to this question, however it is imperative to know as a component to your ROI. 月费:大多数租赁管理公司会按月收取管理费用。收费金额的差别有时候很大,而你不应该只看哪家收的便宜就决定用哪家的服务。但月费确实是你必须要知道的一个信息,因为你需要这个金额来计算你的投资回报率。


2. Vacancies and Leasing Fee: Most managers charge a fee for procuring a tenant for a vacant property. This fee offsets the management costs for advertising, showing the property and the time spent with paperwork. 空置时招租费用:大多数租赁管理公司需要收取一定费用来为你的房子找到租客。这个费用是用来为你的房子打广告,做一定展示,和其他文书工作费用。


3. Contact Information: This is a big issue for most, as reaching your manager, if necessary, is essential. You should be given an office number, mobile number and email addresses. Confirm that they are approachable after hours in case of emergency. 联系方式:这个问题很重要!因为你需要随时能联系到你的租赁经理。你需要公司的办公室电话号码,租赁经理的手机号码和电子邮件地址。同时你得确认通过哪个号码在工作时间之外遇到紧急情况时可以联系到管理人员。


4. Accounting: State laws dictate the rules of procedure for mailing checks to you and how security deposits are handled. Verify that the company is licensed and fully compliant with your state association. Check with reporting bureau’s to see if any complaints have been filed against the management company and the status of resolution. Get a commitment in writing about the mailing schedule for rent checks and monthly expense statements before you sign. 会计核算:国家对于租赁相关事宜及保证金处理事宜都有明确的法律规定。你需要确认这家租赁管理公司已获得营业许可,并完全符合国家各项规定。你可以通过与政府相关机构联系来查看该公司的状态,尤其注意公司任何的投诉及投诉处理状况。签合同之前还要确认每月费用报表的寄送时间。


5. Repairs and Maintenance: Determine who handles maintenance and repairs for your property. You will also need to know how the repair charges will be based. Is there a dollar value your managers will make repairs up to without contacting you beforehand. This is up to you, but note that you can set a maximum with your manager. 维修及保养:你需要确定是谁对你的房产进行维修及保养。你还需要知道这方面费用的收取依据。同时确认会不会有一个浮动的数额,在该数额范围内租赁经理不用事先通知你就直接向维修保养机构收取。这是由你来决定的,但请注意,你可以与你的租赁经理就此金额设定一个最大值。


6. You’re Fired: What is the termination policy, in case you discover that the relationship isn’t working out? Find out what it will take to terminate, before the trouble starts. Some companies charge a fee for early termination of the management agreement. 你被解雇了:在聘用了一家租赁管理公司后,你有可能发现跟该租赁管理公司的合作出现问题,你想终止合同,为防止此时可能发生的纠纷,你最好事先了解终止合同涉及哪些政策。有些公司对于提前终止合同是会收取相应费用的。


7. Statements: Does the company provide monthly or quarterly accounting statements? What information is provided, how often and by which means. 正式说明文件:该租赁管理公司是否提供按月或按季度统计的金额报表?这些报表里会提供什么样的信息?多长时间发布一次?通过什么途径发布?这些你都需要事先询问清楚。


8. Inspections: How often does the property manager inspect your property. Do they do a physical check or a drive-by. Is there a procedure for a property check, are staff trained on what to look for, do you see a report of the inspection? 物业检查:相关问题包括租赁经理多久检查一次你的房子?物业检查是否有规定程序?负责检查的工作人员是否经过培训?你能不能看到检查结果报告?


9. Advertising: You want your property advertised. Ask where they advertise the property? They should have a good website with a lot of photos of the property, upload your listing to free rental websites and make use of local classifieds. 广告:想把房子租出去一定要登广告。为此租赁公司需要拥有至少一个可以发布文字图片信息的网站。同时还需要能将租房信息迅速及时的发布到一些大的专业租赁网站,并利用当地的公告。


10. Evictions: Sad, but something landlords have to address upfront. Does the company handle all evictions? They should. If so, what are the costs to evict a tenant? 下“逐客令”:不是件好事,但以防万一你也得提前做好准备。了解清楚该公司会不会处理这类问题?有资质的租赁管理公司是应当负责处理的。而一旦发生这种情况,租赁公司需要收取多少费用?


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